Evaluation Design & Analysis

Focusing on teaching and learning environments ranging from pilot testing to in-depth research, we use various research techniques to comprehensively inform decision-making. As a full-service evaluation unit, we help conceptualize problems in measurable ways, develop evaluation plans, write evaluation sections for grant applications, build instruments and analyze data. We have contributed to projects such as REACH.

Learning Analytics

A major focus of the Evaluation Design & Analysis service is learning analytics. Learning analytics, as contextually defined for UW-Madison by the Learning Analytics Roadmap Committee (LARC), led by the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning (VPTL), is the undertaking of activities that generate actionable data from the learning intended to improve student outcomes by informing structure, content, delivery or support of the learning environment. Service team members partner with LARC members to advance campus learning analytics efforts.

There are numerous ways learning analytics can be used as explained in the Learning Analytics Functional Taxonomy, and there are a number of projects and resources on campus supporting the different opportunities.

Current Projects and Resources

In collaboration with LARC, the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning and others, Evaluation Design and Analysis contributes to learning analytics projects including the course-level dashboard and Canvas Analytics. These groups also help to provide resources and opportunities such as professional development for instructors and a series on learning analytics topics.

Upcoming Events

For more information about upcoming events, please join the UW-Madison Learning Analytics team or email LearningAnalytics@office365.wisc.edu and request to be added to the group.

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