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In line with UW-Madison’s teaching and learning mission and national trends, we offer several evolving programs designed to foster the use of research-supported, technology-enhanced teaching approaches. Each program has a different format and criteria for entry to meet the needs of faculty and instructional support staff regardless of experience level. This includes everything from drop-in workshops to year-long fellowships that all focus on evidence-based approaches to learning in higher education.

Our Programs

  • Active Teaching Exchange: One-hour sessions that feature an instructor sharing their teaching experience and demonstrating how they used a teaching tool or technique, followed by discussion on how to make good teaching easier and more effective
  • Active Teaching Lab: Low-commitment one-hour sessions that feature instructors sharing their experiences using tools to teach in addition to guided, hands-on experience with tools for participants
  • Blend@UW: A program that supports the Educational Innovation Initiative by helping faculty and staff redesign courses to be more active and engaging by using blended-learning approaches
  • Blended Learning Fellowship Program: A year-long program to develop campus leadership around the topic of blended learning
  • Blended Learning Toolkit: The website provides tutorials, resources, and examples about blended learning and how to apply it to your course
  • Teaching Effectively in Canvas: A series of sessions that focus on applying good aspects of teaching practices and learning principles in Canvas

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