Active Teaching Labs

Infused with learning science research, and connecting to the themes of the Wisconsin Experience, Active Teaching Labs provide a space to learn more about teaching tools and techniques, and to hear how UW-Madison instructors motivate, engage, and more effectively teach the diverse range of students we encounter.

Labs are open to all and held twice a week during the semester. Refreshments are served. See below for upcoming Labs and recaps of past Active Teaching sessions or view the full calendar of Labs. To stay informed about Active Teaching Labs sign up for regular announcements by sending an email to

Active Teaching Labs are an innovative and unique teaching development collaboration between the UW-Madison Teaching Academy and DoIT Academic Technology. Find out more about our other partnerships that span the campus, state and nation.

Contribute Your Experiences

You’ve learned some things teaching that your colleagues would love to know! Our team facilitates the experimentation, pedagogical discussions, and highlighting of tools, but needs your experience and perspective. Help us strengthen the culture of campus peer learning by contributing your story at an Active Teaching Lab. Email John Martin to get involved.

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