This program supports the Educational Innovation Initiative by helping faculty and instructional staff design blended courses that foster deeper, more active learning for students. Week-long series of half-day sessions are offered between semesters. These intensive series are the ideal way to gain the knowledge, skills and peer support necessary for applying the blended learning methodology to courses.

For upcoming Blend@UW session dates and to fill out an application to participate, please visit the Blend@UW Application page.

Participants of Blend@UW will:

  • Develop a course map that includes activities, delivery format, technology to be leveraged and assessment models
  • Develop a plan to evaluate your course once implemented

Participants Feedback

Past participants provided the following feedback on the quality of the Blend@UW program in their Exit Survey (n=265).

  • 98% would recommend the program to others
  • 98% thought the course met or exceeded their expectations
  • 99% thought facilitators helped them in their learning process
  • 97% thought facilitators communicated effectively
  • 98% thought facilitators were knowledgeable about course content
  • 97% feel comfortable talking with others about blended learning after taking the course
  • 97% know where to go to get help with their course design and development
  • 81% felt taking the course changed the way they think about teaching

Participant Quotes

  • “By blending, I have carved out time to work with my students to understand how I want them to think about the material, and we have meaningful discussions wherein they’re creating their own understanding [of the content].”
  • “I have greater confidence in the goals, organization, and delivery of the content in my course. I have already implemented the objectives, insights and skills developed in the Blend@UW course in my own course, and improved those in 2 other team-taught sections with which I am involved.”
  • “Excellent program! Thank you for developing and offering it.”
  • “In addition to their expertise, I appreciated the commitment/passion for the topic shown by the instructors.”
  • “I learned a lot and have already recommended it to colleagues!”
  • “This is a very well thought out program. I especially appreciated the efforts that were made to connect the different course components through time, from the start to end of the course . . . “

Many of the resources available in Blend@UW can also be found on the Blended Learning Toolkit. The Toolkit provides tutorials, resources, and examples about blended learning and how to do it yourself.

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