Blended Learning Fellowship

The fellowships bring faculty and instructional staff together to develop campus leadership around the topic of blended learning in support of the Educational Innovation Initiative. Fellows are nominated annually by leaders from their school, college, institute or division. The following fellowships are currently being offered:

Blended Learning Fellowship on Active Learning

With the promotion of pervasive active learning on campus, the need for instructors who teach blended courses to develop new skills to facilitate active learning grows. This requires the identification of new teaching approaches and the creation of opportunities to help faculty develop the skills necessary to facilitate the desired student learning outcomes associated with active learning approaches. The outcomes for this fellowship will be the identification, practice, and implementation of active learning approaches in participants’ blended courses, as well as preparation for them to share these approaches with others in their SCID. More information is available on the Blended Learning Toolkit here.

  • DATES: Mondays, September 17–November 12
  • TIME: noon–1:30 p.m.
  • LOCATION: 302 Middleton Building
  • STIPEND: $500

Blended Learning Fellowship on Learning Spaces

As blended learning matures on the UW-Madison campus, the importance of learning spaces (both formal and informal) continues to grow. We need to create and support learning spaces that facilitate the learning activities and outcomes we want for our blended courses. The outcomes for this program will be the exploration of informal learning spaces, recommendation of content, location, and ownership of resources for campus learning spaces, and development of training for those planning to use active learning classrooms on campus. More information is available on the Blended Learning Toolkit here.

  • DATES: Fridays: September 14-November 16 and February 2-April 26
  • TIME: noon–1:30 p.m.
  • LOCATION: 302 Middleton Building
  • STIPEND: $1,000

Blended Learning Fellowship on Learning Analytics

The recent adoption of a campus framework for learning analytics provides an opportunity to explore one approach to evidence-based teaching. The Blended Learning Fellowship on Learning Analytics will continue to examine the emerging practice of learning analytics and how it can be integrated into courses by delving deeply into a learning analytics functional taxonomy (LAFT). The outcomes of this fellowship will be an expansion of the LAFT to local case studies and the development of a curriculum to help support instructors incorporate learning analytics into their course.

  • DATES: Spring 2019 – dates to be determined
  • TIME: To be determined
  • LOCATION: To be determined
  • STIPEND: $500
  • Application form coming in fall 2018

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