Blended Learning Fellowship

The fellowships bring faculty and instructional staff together to develop campus leadership around the topic of blended learning in support of the Educational Innovation Initiative. Fellows are nominated annually by leaders from their school, college, institute or division. During spring semester, the following fellowships are being offered:

Blended Learning Fellowship on Active Learning Classrooms

The promotion of pervasive active learning and the creation of active learning classrooms on campus have created a need for instructors to develop new skills to use these learning spaces effectively. Participants of this program will recommend training and support options for campus instructors using these active learning classroom for blended-learning courses.  More information is available on the Blended Learning Toolkit here.

Blended Learning Fellowship on Evidence-based Learning

This program invites campus participation to explore how evidence-based teaching impacts learners and instructors in blended-learning courses. Recent campus planning in the learning analytics domain provides an opportunity to explore one approach to evidence-based teaching. More information is available on the Blended Learning Toolkit here.

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