Teaching Effectively in Canvas

Teach Easier. Teach Better. In Canvas.

Teaching Effectively in Canvas is a series of guided Faculty Engagement sessions designed to help make good teaching easier for instructors. Each session focuses on effective teaching practices and demonstrates ways to apply them in the Canvas learning management system. Sessions include time to begin applying the content with help from consultants, so participants should bring their laptop and come with a Canvas “sandbox” course space to work in (see canvasinfo.wisc.edu).

Participants will:

  • Learn to apply the following practices to their own Canvas course:
    • Student-centered navigation practices, such as clear and concise syllabus pages, calendar-scheduled assignment pages, and learning objectives
    • Peer-to-peer learning and communication venues, such as peer review, group spaces, discussions and collaborative work in Google documents
    • Distributed learning frameworks, such as rubrics, quizzes, prompts and reflections that reinforce learning
    • Universal Design for Learning practices that allow for personalized learning options through multiple means of content representation, student engagement and expression of learning
  • Engage with a variety of demonstrations and models and evaluate which would be useful in their own course
  • Have guided time after each session to apply principles to their Canvas sandbox space
  • Know how to access and apply resources that can guide them beyond the session

Session Descriptions

Applying Learning Principles in Canvas focuses on implementing evidence-based learning principles and Universal Design for Learning so students feel empowered to connect prior experiences and personal learning preferences with course content in Canvas in a way that fits your teaching style.

Assessment in Canvas helps you develop smart assessment strategies to course objectives, while giving and receiving feedback that strengthens student learning — and do it more efficiently than you imagined in Canvas!

Interactive Learning in Canvas examines student-to-student active learning and explores how to use Canvas to create cooperative learning opportunities for students.

Designing Individual Learning in Canvas offers examples and practices in Canvas to ensure students come to class prepared to interact.

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