Mentors, Tutors & Volunteers

ITA is always seeking enthusiastic professionals to support ITA students as mentors, tutors, or volunteers for more limited engagement opportunities. The first step to becoming an ITA mentor, tutor or volunteer is completing this application.


Mentors meet with mentees face-to-face and electronically to discuss issues of mutual interest as well as provide general support and encouragement. Advanced technical skills are not necessary to be a mentor! All you need is a little time, desire to help and ears to listen.

Mentoring sessions could take many forms: lunch meetings during ITA Madison Saturday sessions, visits in ITA computer labs or study hours, phone calls, e-mail communications, or scheduled meetings outside of ITA (with parental permission). Your knowledge and expertise are very welcome!

Due to the structure of the ITA Lac du Flambeau and ITA Oneida programs, mentors don’t have an opportunity to meet mentees for on-campus lunches. However, we encourage ITA Lac du Flambeau and ITA Oneida mentors to chat regularly with their mentees whether in person, over the phone or online.

ITA provides mentors training at an orientation that will take place on a weekday in October. Mentors will first meet with their mentees in November. Mentors are paired with a mentee for the academic year and have the opportunity to mentor more than one student depending on availability.


Tutors meet with students face-to-face to provide guidance and study support in academic and technology subject matters. Tutors could help students with core academic public school homework such as English, math or science. In addition, tutors can help students with ITA coursework such as ACT Prep, the Senior Capstone Project or career development.  Your knowledge and expertise are important resources that help ITA students succeed.

Tutoring sessions might take place during ITA Madison Saturday sessions, weekends, or weekday evenings. Tutors and their students determine a schedule that works best for them.


We welcome anyone who wants to volunteer in other capacities! Other potential volunteer opportunities might include the following:

  • Help organize outreach activities (workshops, informational meetings, etc.)
  • Help lead outreach activities (teach workshops, give presentations, etc.)
  • Write grants or assist with fundraising
  • Assist with special projects such as mock interviews, resume reviews, hosting an intern, or guest speaking at an ITA event
  • Suggest a creative collaboration – we welcome your ideas!

Commitment & Next Steps

ITA hopes that mentors and tutors make long-term, but very flexible, commitments. Whenever possible, we would like mentors and tutors to spend two to three hours per month with their mentees and tutees. Other volunteer engagements are as-needed time commitments that could be as short as one hour.

If you’re interested in mentoring, tutoring or volunteering in other ways for an ITA student, please complete this application. If you have questions, please contact our counseling services manager, via email or phone at (608) 265-4297.

The one-on-one support volunteers provide ITA students is critical to our students’ success. Thank you for your time and support!