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In May 2000, the first cohort of 17 students were recruited as part of a campus diversity initiative. Over 200 students have graduated and an estimated 99% have gone on to attend post-secondary institutions to earn degrees in computer science, engineering, education, astronomy, physics, political science, biochemistry, linguistics and more. In addition, many have pursued advanced degrees in medicine, law, social work and physical therapy.

But it all starts with the application! ITA encourages participation from diverse students from Madison public schools who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Beginning in early February, applications from eligible eighth graders will be accepted until the deadline of March 10, 2017. It is a competitive program and only accepts 30 students per year. Learn more about the application process here.

Incoming ITA Madison scholars attend a two-week summer technology training camp held at UW-Madison. Scholars who successfully complete the camp are officially inducted into the four-year program and receive a personal laptop loan.

Participation in ITA Madison requires a significant time commitment of both the students and families. During the school year, ITA Madison scholars come to campus two Saturdays per month to participate in technology training, pre-college seminars and community building activities. Parents or guardians can attend a one hour meeting called Parent Circle once a month.

Scholars showcase their work over four years by developing a portfolio and participating in outreach events. UW students and community members tutor ITA scholars to help them meet and maintain high academic standards. ITA Madison scholars also participate in summer internships in which they apply their skills and interests by working in academic settings.

Get started by learning more about the application process here. If you have additional questions, contact our Information Technology Academy program administrator via email or phone at (608) 265-3145.

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