ITA-TTI Lac du Flambeau

In 2013, two ITA programs were established as part of ITA’s Tribal Technology Institute (TTI) and that includes ITA-TTI Lac du Flambeau. The first cohort will graduate in 2017.

But it all starts with the application! ITA encourages participation from diverse students from the Lac du Flambeau tribal community who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. For 2017, applications from eligible ninth graders will be accepted until the deadline of March 10, 2017. It is a competitive program and only accepts up to 15 students per year. Learn more about the application process here.

Incoming scholars attend a two-week summer technology training camp held in the Lac du Flambeau community. Scholars who successfully complete the camp are officially inducted into the three-year program and receive a personal laptop.

Participation in ITA-TTI Lac du Flambeau requires a significant time commitment. During the school year, scholars participate in semester cohort meetings, engage in distance education and visit the UW-Madison campus in the spring. Each component incorporates technology training, pre-college seminars and community building activities.

Scholars showcase their work over the years by developing a portfolio and participating in outreach events. UW student volunteers and community members tutor ITA scholars to help them meet and maintain high academic standards. ITA-TTI Lac du Flambeau scholars also participate in summer internships in which they apply their skills and interests by working in academic and corporate settings.

Get started by learning more about the application process here. If you have additional questions, contact our ITA-TTI Lac du Flambeau side coordinator via email or phone at (715) 892-2100.

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