Learning Analytics Resources & Opportunities

There are several ways to learn about learning analytics at UW-Madison. Learning Analytics Center of Excellence collaborates with the Learning Analytics Roadmap Committee (LARC), the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning and others to provide the following opportunities and resources.

Community of Interest for Learning Analytics

If you are interested in obtaining updated information about learning analytics opportunities and events on campus, please join the UW-Madison Learning Analytics team or email LearningAnalytics@office365.wisc.edu and request to be added to the group.

Learning Analytics Presentation Series

A series of learning analytics related session are presented each semester. For more information about topical presentations about learning analytics, please check out the events page.


Fellowships were offered by DoIT Academic Technology’s Faculty Engagement service as another way to deeply engage with instructors across campus about specific topics. Each fellowship had a specific goal and focus of discussion. The following were ones focused on learning analytics.

Learning Analytics Fellowship – Spring 2019

The Blended Learning Fellowship on Learning Analytics is focused on building upon the work that was completed in Spring 2018, and increasing awareness and knowledge about learning analytics across campus.

Blended Learning Fellowship on Evidence-Based Teaching – Spring 2018

The Blended Learning Fellowship on Evidence-Based Teaching used evidence-based teaching as a lens to approach teaching and learning practices. The fellowship focused on learning analytics as one approach to evidence-based teaching and shared their recommendations with LARC, which has helped inform upcoming projects and strategy for campus.

Additional Resources

Here are links to some helpful resources and sites about learning analytics.

Materials from Past Learning Analytics Events

Support Documentation for Tools Used on Campus