The Learn@UW-Madison service manages and supports UW-Madison’s Learn@UW, the suite of learning technologies that facilitates teaching and learning. The team also helps integrate a variety of tools into the larger campus digital ecosystem.

In addition to handling operations for the widely used Learn@UW tools, Learn@UW-Madison staff contributes technical and strategic expertise to a range of UW-Madison initiatives, committees and partnerships. Examples include the Engage eText Pilot and Student Learning Assessment projects.

The Learn@UW suite includes the following tools:

The “What learning technologies are available on campus?” guide provides more information on Learn@UW tools as well as other centrally supported and vetted tools not part of the Learn@UW suite. Our learning technology consultants are happy to help you choose the best tool to fit your need and start using it to improve student success. Instructors and instructional staff can request a consultation through the DoIT Help Desk. Learn@UW-Madison delivers a twice-monthly e-newsletter providing technical updates about the Learn@UW suite of tools. People can subscribe by emailing join-luwmad-newsletter@lists.wisc.edu.

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