Atomic Assessments Known Issues

Below you will find a list of known issues related to Atomic Assessments.

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Chrome Version 108 May Prevent Authoring

[Learnosity Bug] Authoring popup placement bug

[Learnosity Bug] Question saving bug with misspellings

[Learnosity Bug] Potential memory leak

[Learnosity Bug] Authoring bug with dynamic variables in LaTeX expressions

[Learnosity Bug] Learnosity review popup not compatible with pagination

[Learnosity Bug] Pagination and sections are not compatible

[Learnosity Bug] Update MathJaX Version

Duplicating vs. Sharing Passages

Rendering Issue Based on browser Size

Scrolling Issue using Page Breaks

Bug in tag autocomplete in item search

Dialog box is poorly positioned when checking answers

Error when student accesses assignment

"Try again" displays incorrectly for Drag and Drop

The authoring/items interface doesn't prevent one from archiving items which are in-use in activities.

Double scrollbars in source window

Tag autocomplete UI glitch

Tag autocomplete caching problem

[Learnosity Bug] Data table rows are not chosen independently for different items

Data table entry incorrectly rendered

Incorrect/Correct Highlighting shows when it should not

Drag and drop questions not working sometimes

"Activity closing soon" popup showing when it should not

[Learnosity Bug] Math validation for matrix questions is not working.

Display issues for long responses in the regex custom question

Issue with Multiple Choice, Audio, and Drawing rubrics

Issue validating Rubric Reference

Questions numbered out of order in review and Responses tab

Tags case-sensitivity behavior is inconsistent

Students cannot access their final exam

Mistake in warning message

[Learnosity Bug] Failed validating activity/format error when loading activity

[Learnosity Bug] Inconsistent rendering of lower/upper case entries in data table

Dataset row issues in the Responses tab

Saving issues when deleting overrides when there are more than 2 overrides

[Learnosity Bug] Randomization in data tables seems to not be random

Inconsistency in the Responses Report for regex questions with dynamic content

Error with Scoring when Learnosity returns an Error (part 1)

Error with Scoring when Learnosity returns an Error (part 2)

Navigating away from assessment gives students more time than allowed

Redo of player settings requested; long content w/sticky footer results in unusable page

In Summary report, student attempt shows up a Completed while student is taking exam. Score updates as the student answers questions

Problems with auto-submit to gradebook occurring

Passage preview window cuts off in certain circumstances

Issue with students' Atomic Assessment exam shakiness on screen

Past lock date' error event

Issues with Item Stats Report

Attempt number mismatch in Speedgrader

Inconsistent grades in Speedgrader

Speedgrader changes possible answers when data row is deleted

Disabling hints also disables check answer and feedback

Summary report not sorting properly

Change in check answer button name depending on assignment level penalties setting

Adding an override, then deleting, does not update Available Until/Due text on Canvas Assignments list

Item Scores report/tab not sorting properly

[Learnosity Bug] Issue viewing scores for final exam in Speedgrader

Error Signatures do not match (Error code: 41003) showing for all assignments in a Canvas course

Errors tabs for some activities are showing that they're continually trying to send a grade to the Canvas gradebook for previous attempts from inactive students in the course.

Errors for student / unable to reset attempt

Attempt event display too wide

Need to click Submit button twice on second attempt (occuring in one drag-and-drop question)

Math Formula Does Not Do Check Answer

Dataset not grouped correctly.

Feature Request - Add Lab View (.lv) to the file upload type