Submitted Canvas Feature Requests

Below is a list of Canvas feature requests submitted by UW-Madison Canvas users. These have been reviewed by the Canvas Feature Request Working Group (CFRWG). You can submit a Canvas feature request using the Canvas Feature Request Form.

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Retain visible name of uploaded file even if a new version of the file is uploaded.

Allow pages to have release date and restrictions functionality

Allow ability for instructors to enroll non-Madison users as instructors in their courses

Would like to use CATME software

Add ability to weigh grades within an assignment group

Add ability to download a subset of assignment submissions by section

Add ability to rename course navigation menu items

Improve navigation capabilities within modules, assignment, and quizzes (using a mechanism such as breadcrumbs)

Add ability to respond to a student/participant sub-response in Discussions

Allow ability to bookmark course content pages so they can be returned to easily

Add user system status of "Inactive" which prohibits login but retains student record and related activity

Offer alternative method for users to enroll additional users into a course, such as via an LTI tool which allows auditing

Make data on Analytics view and Access Report match up accurately

Add ability to move course cards around on Canvas Dashboard

Add student name to the Calendar data feed

Add "Save and Next" button in SpeedGrader

Add ability to record a screencast for feedback on student work

Improve visibility of unread discussions/notes

Add ability to search the "pages" field when linking pages within other pages/modules

Add more clear visual indicators for when a course is inactive so it's very clear to all enrollees of the course

Prevent students from moving away from the quiz window

Enable variables to be used in Canvas course text, such as variable substitutions such as "Student Name" can be input into content.

Allow seamless writing with a stylus to annotate work in Speedgrader.

In courses with multiple sections, limit the students that are visible to a TA by section

Remove student grades in the Recent Feedback section of the Course Dashboard.

See more descriptive course activity, and assignment category statistics such as average score, standard deviation, and grade distribution.

Allow student to attach more than one document to a discussion post

Canvas should autosave discussion posts, and assignment text entries.

Allow use of the iclicker integration for Canvas.

Allow students to upvote discussion posts.

Create groups based on discussion section enrollment.

Allow students to see quiz feedback and correct answers only after the due and/or available until date

In preview mode, quiz images display whether they are published or not.

Gather analytics on file usage within my Canvas course.

From Modules, links to External URLs should bypass that transition page