Canvas Feature Request Form

Do you have an idea to help make Canvas better? If so, check to see if someone’s already submitted the idea here and then fill out the Canvas Feature Request form on this page.

Before Submitting a Request

Since we set up this process in fall 2017, we’ve received a wide range of requests. Please review the previously submitted requests to see if your request has already been made. If so, you’ll see the status of the request listed on the page as well.

As much as possible, users are encouraged to help themselves and discover known answers before submitting feature requests. To that end, we recommend that you review the following support before continuing with your request:

Canvas Community and Canvas Guides
Instructure (the maker of Canvas) hosts a vibrant, global community in which users regularly discuss creative ways to use the Learning Management System accomplish pedagogical needs, discuss new core features, and vote on feature requests and other proposed improvements. You can find answers to questions, share ideas about teaching, and join groups dedicated to issues of particular interest to you at the links above. In some cases, you may find that users have already discovered a way to solve your problem here.

After Submitting a Request

After you submit a feature request, it will be routed to an instructional technologist at your school, college, or department. The instructional technologist will review your request and contact you if they have questions about the request or have suggestions that might help you achieve what you’re trying to do. (If you aren’t affiliated with a school, college, or department, your request will be routed to the Learn@UW-Madison team for this review.)

Requests validated by the instructional technologists will be forwarded to the Canvas Feature Request Working Group (CFRWG). The CFRWG consists of five UW-Madison instructional technologists and IT specialists who meet quarterly to review and curate feature requests. The CFRWG will consolidate similar requests, research the Canvas Community site for like requests, discuss whether custom development efforts might be needed, and decide on the most effective strategy for responding to or escalating each request (including discussing the request with Instructure). Membership on the CFRWG is rotating and will change on an annual basis.

A list of Canvas feature requests reviewed by the CFRWG and their status is published and regularly update on this page of previously submitted requests.

Note: The google form is embedded below. If you are having difficulties viewing it, please go directly to the Canvas Features Request google form.