Learner Digital Ecosystem

Our service supports the “next-generation digital learning environment” at UW-Madison by identifying, developing, and supporting integrations that support both for-credit and non-credit teaching and learning, as well as training, compliance, assessment and curriculum management.

To that end, Learner Digital Ecosystem (LDE) collaborates with Learn@UW-Madison, the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Talent Management and many other stakeholders and partners, to evaluate and prioritize their integration needs. We then design and develop solutions that meet those needs in line with the campus vision for a comprehensive, integrated Student Digital Ecosystem (SDE).

LDE also assists campus in evaluating new products and integrations and understanding their impact and support needs.

Core Areas of Responsibility

  • Integration Consulting: As UW-Madison evaluates and adopts new tooling within its learning technology stack, LDE offers guidance, assists in creating policy and coordinates efforts around sensible integration strategies.
  • System Configuration and Support: LDE fills the growing need to provide systems configuration, application tuning and systems support for hosted applications and integrations as new learning technologies are deployed and integrated on campus.  For example, LDE is heavily involved in the development and support of integrations for the Canvas learning management system (LMS).
  • Application Development: Integration efforts at UW-Madison often involve software developers from one or more application development services on campus and LDE coordinates these efforts in such a way that conflicts are avoided and that a holistic, sensible approach is taken in relation to application development activities in and around the student learning environment.


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