Active Teaching Lab Recap: Case Scenarios in CSCR with Dan LaValley

Tue October 13, 2015

Emmanuel-ContrerasDan-LaValleyMargene AndersonIn the Active Teaching Lab on October 13, 2015, Margene Anderson, Dan LaValley, and Emmanuel Contreras from DoIT Academic Technology shared examples and techniques in making interactive case scenarios with CSCR to give students control in authentic problem solving.

Key Takeaways

  • Plan to spend some time storyboarding and planning before you jump into the tool.
  • End product of using the CSCR tool is static HTML webpages that can be hosted on any server, or within Moodle and D2L.
  • When building, make sure your default browser is Firefox, so that when you “preview project” the preview will work. (Final product will work in any browser.)
  • Examples and templates are your friends! Start there for ideas and modify for your purposes and then build your own and share with us!

If you’re interested in learning more to get up and running with CSCR, watch the videos below and try stepping through the CSCR worksheet we created for the session!

The Active Teaching Lab, a Faculty Engagement program, provides a safe space for structured explorations of cool teaching tools and techniques that your colleagues are using to engage students and teach more effectively. During the academic year, labs are held weekly and will be listed on the Active Teaching Lab page.

Margene, Dan and Emmanuel’s Story

Demonstration from Margene, Dan and Emmanuel’s