Active Teaching Lab Recap: Canvas Blueprint with Daniel Pell

Wed September 27, 2017

The September 27, 2017 Active Teaching Lab explored Canvas Blueprint. Daniel Pell shared his experience using Blueprint courses for the English as a Second Language courses he teaches and supports. This brownbag-style lab varied from our regular labs in that there was no lab part — just story, demo and discussion.



  • Blueprint courses allow you to share content across several courses
  • They leave custom content as is (won’t be over-ridden)
  • Great for a course coordinator who works with multiple instructors
  • Great video introduction of it here
  • Syncs content and settings, but only syncs settings initially; any changes are honored (unless you want to override it manually later)
  • Can foster more sharing of ideas and content (activities) between instructors of a course
  • Negative: had to revise pretty much every document (flip side: at least they didn’t have to create every document!)

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Watch the brownbag session and follow along with Dan’s Blueprint and Rubrics Prezis:

Get started with Canvas Quizzes: