Active Teaching Lab Recap: Direct Evidence of Student Learning (DESL)

Wed November 18, 2020

The November 18, 2020 Active Teaching Lab theme explored how campus tools and processes — Direct Evidence of Student Learning (DESL), Lumen, Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs), and Canvas — can work together to provide better learning and more efficient teaching. See examples and get tips on identifying key assignments, linking key assignments and activities to learning outcomes from Lumen, and using reports to evaluate and observe student learning through assessments.


Read more about DESL here: AEFIS – DESL – Direct Evidence of Student Learning. For more on how DESL fits into the university assessment plan, see 111219-SLA Diagram Layers-Final and Integrating “All Things” Learning Assessment: Advancing Student Success.

To learn more and discover new resources, visit the session’s activity sheet.


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