Active Teaching Lab Recap: Online Rubrics with Beth Fahlberg

Wed November 2, 2016

Active Teaching Lab on October 28,2016 was about making grading more transparent for students and more efficient for instructors. Grading online can often be time-consuming and difficult. Beth Fahlberg, from Continuing Studies, Beth Fahlbergshared tips from her online courses, on how to make it quicker and simpler.


  • Best practices from Beth’s experience are also available here.
  • Test your rubrics before you use them!
  • When first starting with rubrics, start simply and openly with students, reserving the latitude to adjust as you learn to refine them.

If you’re interested in learning more on how to get up and running with rubrics, watch the videos below and review the session’s Activity Sheet.

Beth’s story

Discussion with Beth

Creating a rubric in D2L:

Using a rubric to grade discussions in D2L:

Rubrics in Canvas: