Instructors Can Order eTexts for Fall 2022

Tue April 12, 2022

Instructors and course coordinators planning to use the Engage eText reader in fall are able to review and select eTexts and publisher digital learning tools (DLTs) until May 9, 2022. And when instructors and students use Engage, they will notice new features and an improved user experience as it will be powered by RedShelf beginning this summer.

Part of the Learn@UW suite of learning technologies, Engage provides integrated access to publisher eTexts via Canvas, as well as access to other publisher-provided tools and resources – typically at a fraction of the print cost. Instructors can order eTexts, DLTs and other content through the Order Tool following directions outlined in this KnowledgeBase document. This direct link to the Order Tool will only work for instructors and course coordinators set up during the ordering process.

Once instructors order the materials for Engage, they should include detailed information about Engage in their syllabus to help students avoid errors like purchasing DLTs twice. Example syllabus language is available for Engage eTexts and DLTs.

Beginning in summer 2022, Engage will be powered by RedShelf. Although users will still access it through Canvas, they will now be able to use the following new features:

  • Text to speech: Launch a screen reader by clicking the “play” icon in the upper right corner of the browser.
  • Flashcards: Create flashcards with a prompt on one side and the answer on the other.
  • Student-Generated Study Guide: Combine all completed student notes in one spot to easily review.
  • Note Sharing: Students can choose to share their notes or to subscribe to the notes from others in the class.
  • Personalized Display Options: Customize the content font, font size, letter spacing, display colors, and margins.
  • Highlights: Important text can now be marked using four colors.

The DoIT Help Desk provides support with questions regarding the Order Tool, eTexts, billing, accessibility, opt-outs, and general technical issues. They cannot, however, provide support with publisher Digital Learning Tools (DLTs). Support for DLTs will need to be directed to the publisher. For more information, review this document.

Instructors and instructional staff can also request a consultation with a Learn@UW-Madison team member through the DoIT Help Desk. The consultant can help with selecting and using the right eText/DLT for a course or figuring out the best way to utilize them to improve student success.