Learn Analytics Center of Excellence Presents at National Events

Mon June 6, 2022

The Learning Analytics Center of Excellence (LACE) team shared their expertise at two national events recently.

At the recent Unizin Summit, the team led a well-attended and interactive discussion on Leveraging a Data Governance Framework to Appropriately Use Learning Analytics. As the slide deck show, the presentation focused on UW-Madison’s data governance program, specifically the formalization of the teaching and learning data domain. The session included examples of how data governance was implemented across several recent learning analytics projects, along with a satisfying look back at our journey.

LACE also presented Engaging Multiple Stakeholder: Learning Analytics as Participatory Design at Indiana University’s International Learning Analytics Summit.  This presentation focused on humanist methodologies for engaging stakeholders while adopting UW-Madison’s Appropriate Use of Data for Learning Analytics Guiding Principles. Those principles stipulate that all LA tools should consider the humanity of the learner with a central tenet relating to students as active agents in their learning journey. A recording of the whole presentation is available here, with LACE’s part beginning around the 59 minute mark.