Learn@UW Updates for Spring 2020

Tue January 21, 2020

To help instructors develop rich learning experiences for students, Learn@UW-Madison offers advanced quizzing options, new machine captioning and editing tools, an enhanced gradebook, as well as resources like consultations and guides

The Learn@UW-Madison team provides technical and consultative support to help instructors effectively use the full Learn@UW suite including Canvas, AEFIS, Top Hat, Atomic Assessment, Pressbooks and Kaltura MediaSpace. Instructors can contact the DoIT Help Desk for technical assistance or to schedule a consultation with the Learn@UW-Madison team. 

Quizzing Options from Canvas & Atomic Assessments

Canvas Quizzes and Atomic Assessments are the two centrally-supported quizzing tools available as part of the Learn@UW suite of learning technologies. Canvas Quizzes is the native quizzing tool available in Canvas and provides a variety of features that most instructors require. For those who require advanced features like mathematical text for question stems and audio student responses, Atomic Assessments is available and integrated into Canvas. Because it is an advanced quizzing tool, it is recommended for technically advanced instructors or instructors with local support staff. 

No matter the tool used, quizzes can provide students with a comprehensive, accessible and evolving learning experience. Learn more from our new guide about the pedagogical uses of quizzing.

New Captioning Tools Make Media More Accessible

Learn@UW-Madison received sponsor approval to turn on machine captioning and editing tools in Kaltura MediaSpace for the spring 2020 semester. Kaltura MediaSpace machine captions are generated free of charge by computer-based speech recognition and can help make your media more accessible. Based on testing, Kaltura MediaSpace machine captioning is approximately 75% accurate and should only be used when you have time to edit and verify accuracy. To learn more, refer to this KnowledgeBase document

New Version of the Gradebook

This month, the original version of the Canvas Gradebook was permanently replaced by a new version that was previously available as an opt-in feature. Although on the surface the new version appears similar to the old one, there are some rather significant differences in functionality, including changes to muting and unmuting assignments with a new “Grade Posting Policy” feature. As such, we recommend you take ample time to become familiar with the new gradebook as you begin your Canvas course:

  • For an orientation of the new Canvas Gradebook, see this video provided by Instructure, the provider of Canvas.
  • To learn how to mute/unmute assignments in the new Gradebook, refer to this KnowledgeBase document

Support & Training Opportunities

Just-in-Time Support

With so many learning technologies available, it can be challenging to know what to use. In addition to this guide outlining centrally supported options, the Learn@UW-Madison team is available for consultations that can be requested through the DoIT Help Desk

The DoIT Help Desk also provides technical support and troubleshooting help for Canvas, Kaltura MediaSpace, AEFIS, Blackboard Collaborate (and Ultra), Pressbooks, Atomic Assessments and Turnitin. For Top Hat, contact the vendor for support at support@tophat.com. For Piazza, contact the vendor at team@piazza.com or visit support.piazza.com.

Learn@UW Training in Canvas

Learn@UW-Madison offers a variety of online resources including our webpages for each tool and the  Learn@UW KnowledgeBase. The Learn@UW training course in Canvas offers another opportunity for users to learn on their own. Currently, the course offers a full training module for Canvas with additional ones planned for the other Learn@UW tools. The course is open for anyone to access and doesn’t require enrollment.

Stay Updated

In addition to our semester updates, Learn@UW-Madison delivers a twice-monthly e-newsletter providing technical updates about the Learn@UW suite of tools. You can subscribe by emailing join-luwmad-newsletter@lists.wisc.edu.


Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison