STS Helps Student Orgs Promote, Manage & Educate

Tue September 11, 2018

With students returning to campus and activities filling the calendar, the start of the fall semester is always an exciting time of year. For registered student organizations, fall semester means a lot of extra work as well. Raising awareness of the org’s work, recruiting new members and promoting all of the cool events planned can be overwhelming to students who also have to make time for courses, a social life and usually a job as well. One thing that can make it easier is knowing the tech skills to get the work done efficiently.

Software Training for Students (STS) offers all students a full calendar of technology workshops, individual appointments and online resources for learning and improving software skills. For student orgs, STS also offers Custom Technology Workshops that are specifically tailored to their needs whether that’s creating an eye-catching poster in Illustrator, expense-tracking spreadsheets in Excel, a video showcasing the student org’s work in the community or a website to list upcoming events.

Some student orgs also help their members develop skills for future professions. For instance, STS works with Association of Information Systems Professionals (AISP) to provide workshops on topics like HTML and CSS.

“I can’t stress how great STS has been for our student org. Our members have come to really enjoy the custom workshops offered by STS,” notes Rome Rauter from AISP. “Not only have they been extremely flexible in meeting the needs of our organization, but they have always done it with exceptional service and expertise. If you are looking for a fun learning or professional development event for your student org, I highly suggest reaching out.”

Our STS trainers consult with student orgs to brainstorm ideas, determine level of learning, and figure out logistics like time and location. If a student org already knows how they want STS to help, they can fill out this request form. Otherwise, they can contact STS at to discuss options.

Even if a group is not a registered student org, STS can provide a Custom Technology Workshop as long as at least five students attend. In addition, STS provides this service to UW-Madison instructors who would like STS to do a workshop on software needed to complete work for their course.