Summer 2016 Reading for Teaching and Learning

Tue June 14, 2016

Two summer book groups hosted by Faculty Engagement Communities offer an excellent opportunity to discuss evidence-based teaching practices with fellow instructors. One book group will meet Thursdays at noon from July 7-28 in 3330 Health Sciences Learning Center and the other will meet every Friday at 2:30pm from July 15 through August 12 in Memorial Union.

Each hour-long meeting focuses on the 2015 book, “Teaching Undergraduate Science: A Guide for Overcoming Obstacles for Student Learning,” by Linda C. Hodges. While the title focuses on science, its message is applicable to instructors in any discipline who are challenged to engage students.

Participants from a previous book group noted that the book is a “good grounding refresher on practical teaching strategies that avoids the latest fad or buzzword.” Another found that it “made pedagogy accessible to someone without that background.”

The book is ideal for a book group as each chapter stands by itself and offers examples on converting principles to action immediately. Chapters include:

  • Helping Students Learn During Class
  • Helping Students Learn from Text
  • Helping Students Learn, and Learn From, Problem Solving
  • Motivating and Helping Students Learn on Their Own
  • Helping Students Learn From Tests and Assignments
  • Helping Students Learn from Laboratory Work and Research

In addition to the book groups, Faculty Engagement Communities will host Summer Teaching Chats Fridays at noon from June 24 through August 12 in 1157/1158 Discovery Building. These informal discussions of evidence-based teaching practices are ideal for meeting colleagues interested in delving into topics and sharing resources. You are welcome to drop in for one or all of the meetings and to bring a topic of interest to you.

Contact Christine Lupton via email with any questions.