Tech Tips from Software Training for Students

Fri March 3, 2017

Every Tuesday this academic year, Software Training for Students (STS) shares tech tips on DoIT’s facebook and twitter accounts to help connect students to the free Technology Workshops available to them. The STS calendar is full of 2-4 hour workshops on software tools like Photoshop, Excel, HTML, Python, and more. But everyone can benefit from these tips that student trainers created!

Top 5 Tech Tips from Software Training for Students

  1. In Excel, record a macro using the record macro button in the bottom left of the interface. Assign the macro to a specific keystroke to automate a process, like formatting a spreadsheet. See it done in this video or attend an upcoming Excel workshop for more!
  2. To correct dull or low contrast images, try this quick Adobe Photoshop method using the Curves tool. Add a Curves adjustment layer from the Adjustments panel.In the new window that pops up, click the auto button while holding down your option key. Select “Find Dark & Light Colors”, and check the box for “Snap Neutral Midtones”. Press ok, and voila! Watch a quick YouTube video to see the tip in action or attend an upcoming Photoshop workshop!
  3. Use Unpacking in Python to assign list arguments to specific variables and swap variables. Both individual list arguments and a range of list arguments can be extracted. Also, variables can be quickly swapped using the shorthand method shown in the below video. Attend an upcoming Python workshop for more!
  4. Align and distribute objects in Adobe Illustrator following the steps in the gif. Attend an upcoming Illustrator workshop for more!

  5. Easily zoom into your projects in Adobe programs by hitting Ctrl (Cmd on Macs) and (+) at the same time. Zoom out by pressing Ctrl (Cmd on Macs) and (-). Attend an upcoming Adobe graphic design workshop for more!

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