Online Course Production

The Online Course Production service works with a variety of groups and instructors to plan, design and develop online courses, blended learning courses and online professional development.

Our team takes great pride in building courses that exemplify the Wisconsin Experience, which is UW-Madison’s vision for the total student experience that combines learning in and out of the classroom. We believe great courses are designed through following evidence-based best practices, yet allowing space for the instructor’s personality and instructional preferences to shine through.

Throughout the entire lifecycle of course development, our experts provide guidance and assistance. We work with you to complete pedagogical planning documents, assist in making decisions around sustainability, and ultimately assist partners in development as needed. The end result is a course that will provide a rigorous learning experience for students, and personal growth for you as the instructor.

Depending on the course, projects can take between a couple of months to a year so it’s never too early to contact us via email to discuss services, timelines and estimates.


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