Teaching & Research Application Development (TRAD)

When no existing technological tool suits your teaching, learning or research needs, the Teaching & Research Application Development (TRAD) service can find the solution by extending and integrating other tools or by creating a custom application, web-based tool or website.

For teaching challenges, we work with faculty and instructional designers to create pedagogically sound games, simulations and data visualizations. As experienced integrators with the Learn@UW suite and learning management systems (LMS), our team can find streamlined solutions and work with evaluators to identify and collect complex learning analytics.

When research requires unique methods of communicating with participants, collecting data or analysis and aggregating results, we can develop or extend custom web, mobile and touch-screen applications to help you achieve your research goals.

The work begins with a consultation where we help determine whether an application or software idea is feasible, provide estimates related to development costs in support of grant applications and funding requests, and partner with campus staff to build proof of concept prototypes or fully developed applications.

Contact us via email or phone at (608) 262-5667 to discuss services, timelines and estimates.


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